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Picture this:

It's late. You've been up all day working, and tomorrow won't be any different. But instead of crawling into the bed you swear you can hear calling your name, you're sitting in front of your laptop, exhausted, staring at a blank page.

Maybe your website needs updating. Maybe you're working on your next newsletter or direct mail campaign.

Whatever it is, the words just aren't coming, and time is running out.

Sound familiar?

Robtopia Creative LLC is a freelance writing, editing and content creation company based in Eagan, Minnesota.

Our founder and newest hire, Robert Becka, is a former television host, commercial producer and educational writer. He's a smart guy, and knows how to write copy that's clear, concise and engaging.

So if you're staring at a blank screen, silently wishing for the end of the world, don't panic. We're here to help!


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Robert Becka, founder and newest hire

Robert Becka, founder and newest hire

Hi There.

As a freelance content creator, I write expert copy that conveys your message in a way that's clear, concise and engaging.

I've written for television, radio and educational markets.

I've broken down technical, legal and financial topics for public audiences.

And my mom says I'm handsome.

Short form or long, serious or funny - I promise to provide you with copy written on a timeline that would make most writers blush - on a budget that'll make you smile. 

Let's get started.