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Tower Games

Tower Games is Minneapolis' premier gaming clubhouse, with open game tables, a dedicated station for miniatures painting, and daily gaming events that are open to the public.

Services Provided

  • All-New Website Copy
  • Sample Blog Posts
  • Sample Social Media Posts
  • Sample Event Calendar Posts

Design Partner: Digital Growth Group


"Rob was a huge help getting the entire structure of the writing in place for us.  It helped us focus on the rest of the development of the site."
- Drew Nielsen, Developer, Digital Growth Group

MSP Home Rental

MSP Home Rental is a locally-owned, customer service-oriented property management company operating in the Twin Cities area. They needed a complete website overhaul, complete with lengthy FAQs and pages that specifically targeted property owners and potential tenants.

Services Provided

  • Phone Interview to Collect Data
  • All-New Website Copy

Design Partner: Switchback Interactive
SEO Partner: Growth Marketing


"I think a lot of clients would benefit from Rob being on their project; he can clearly communicate ideas and condense them down to something your audience will understand and engage with. He was also flexible and able to shorten or lengthen copy as the design needed.”
-Jesse Sutherland, Designer and Developer, Switchback Interactive

Harmony Bird

Founded by an award-winning inventor and lifelong bird enthusiast, Harmony Bird is a family-owned and operated business located in rural Southern Minnesota which offers fellow birders products that are easy to install, easy to clean and fill, designed to keep out undesirable species, and made to last.

Services Provided

  • All-New Website Copy
  • Revised Print Ad Copy
  • Blog Posts
  • Revised Product Descriptions

Agency partner: Tudor Business Consulting
SEO Partner: Growth Marketing


2015 marked the 20th anniversary of Caponi Art Park's Summer Performance Series, as well as their second year as hosts of their very own Bluegrass Festival!

Services Provided

  • Press Releases
  • Newsletter Copy
  • Print Advertising Copy
  • Social Media Posts
  • Event Calendar Copy
  • Rack Card Copy

Design partner: Dog Rock

LI Group

LI Group uses state of the art technology to offer logistics, warehousing, kitting, retail construction and fixture installation solutions. They saw amazing success in assisting a popular smart phone roll-out, and wanted to highlight that success with a case study.

Services Provided

  • Case Study Copy

Agency partner: GrowthMode Marketing

Third Street Garage

Third Street Garage offers a number of video, photography and business solutions to clients around the New York area.
Their latest product: professional headshots for those wanting to enhance their social media profiles.

Services Provided

  • Social Media Ad Copy
  • Copywriting Consultation


"Working with Rob was fantastic. He wrote some copy for a number of ads for my photography business. Beyond writing he also helped consult on the best methods to increase my click-through rate."
- Scott Wittrock, Owner, Third Street Garage

Cheerful Givers

Cheerful Givers is an Eagan-based nonprofit organization dedicated to a simple idea: every child deserves a present on their birthday.

Services provides

  • Newsletter Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Annual Support Letter


"Rob has written several interesting articles for our newsletter... His copy is clear and concise and offers interesting perspectives. He is a pro at what he does, and his communication is timely as well as friendly. We would highly recommend Rob and greatly appreciate all he has done and continues to do for our nonprofit!"
- Karen Kitchel, President, Cheerful Givers

the dl brand

The DL brand is a Minneapolis-based event company that provides "premium events with elegance and style."

Sponsored by Morrie's Luxury Auto, they held a Minnesota premiere of the 2015 film Entourage.

Services Provided

  • Revised Existing Sales Letter
  • Revised Existing Press Release
  • Copywriting Consultation


"In my line of work, time is the most valuable asset. Not only did Rob complete the work on time, he listened carefully and was able to fulfill our needs and deliver a great product. I would definitely recommend his services and he is already on my speed dial in case my business associates or I need him again!"
- Dennis Som, Event Specialist, The DL Brand


Television Commercial scripts

From 2010 to 2013 I wrote, shot and edited local commercials for businesses in Minnesota and Iowa.

This is one of my favorites - the client wanted to approach the (normally serious) issue of deer damage in a lighthearted manner. The result was an ad that enjoyed several years on the air!

More samples of my television work can be viewed on YouTube.